Monday, September 22, 2014

The Tale of Afghanistan Sikhs in Britain!

Last month, the story of 34 people surviving in a shipping container for more than a week shocked the whole world. Due to poor conditions and biasness against Sikhs in Afghanistan, led these people to take this extreme step and come across in UK. The horrifying story unfolds at that time, when a shipping container from Belgium was on the port of UK and the operators heard continuous banging and screaming inside a container, which came from Belgium.

The moment it was opened, there were 34 people, including women and children and one 40 years old dead man, who deceased in the container itself. It was one of its kinds of situations, where humanity is nowhere to be seen. The interrogators were called and translators interpret the views of the survivors and it came to know that they are afraid to go back to the homeland or else, they would whether like to die.

This incident provides goose bumps to us and there comes the need of a society or an individual, which can help these kinds of people. The urge to call an immigration lawyer, who can talk to the authorities and arrange provisional food and lodging for them. There are many cases across the Globe, where immigrant lawyers have lent a helping hand to the merciful people.

The above incident is an eye opener for the World to help people across the globe seeking immigration into other countries in different ways. The responsibility need to be put on every stakeholder of the society, be it; immigrant lawyers, law firms, security forces or authorities. The immigration lawyer would put best of the efforts to help the immigrants. They not only provide assistance in filing visa applications they also try to maintain long lasting relations with their clients.

The relationship bond helps both ways; lawyers extend every other help to their clients and word of mouth plays a big role for immigrant lawyers in building their reputation in the society. Taking the example of best immigration attorney in Miami, this attorney went on a world tour with his clients just to help his clients to get sponsors for his football team. This is how; immigrant lawyers can extend their help to the clients in every way possible. One can bank upon their facilities without giving any second thought to it.

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