Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Entering the US with an R1 visa

The immigration laws are extremely tough on the immigrants. Whether you are moving to the US with your whole family or opting for an R1 visa, it is best to hire best immigration lawyers in NJ. Why New Jersey you might be asking? NJ is home to numerous immigration law firms that work with people across the country with immigration problems. One of the best immigration lawyers in NJ is Michael Wildes. He is known for his work for the people of the country and help them win their immigration cases. 

What is an R1 visa?
A non-immigrant visa, R1 visa is for the foreign nationals of religious denominations who want to enter the US. The visa is for the people who choose to be a minister as a vocation.

The people who can apply for an R1 visa include religious instructors, catechists, counselors or liturgical workers who work for religious health care facilities, hospitals, missionaries, or are religious broadcasters or translators. This group DOES NOT include clerks, janitors, fundraisers, maintenance workers or any individual solely related to work of donations.

Eligibility for R1 visa

  1. Members of religious community or group which is registered as a non-profit organization in the US
  2. Non-profit religious organization in the US who are employing foreign nationals as part of their team. This includes religious translators, broadcasters, missionaries, and more.
  3. Foreign individuals coming to the US to work only as ministers in the religious community.

Visa requirements

  1. The person applying for an R1 visa should have worked at least two years as part of a religious community.
  2. The sponsoring employee should be registered as a non-profit organization in the US and should be eligible for the tax exemption.
  3. You plan to enter and work solely as a member of the religious denomination.
  4. If you have previously applied for an R1 visa, you should have resided physically outside the US for one-year minimum.
  5. You plan to leave the US once your visa expires.

Fulfilling all the criteria for an R1 visa is quite tough and sometimes it requires a professional help. This is the reason why the majority of people applying for the R1 visa choose to hire best immigration lawyers in NJ. If you are still looking for an expert immigration attorney to hire, consult Wildes & Weinberg. They are most sought after law firm with offices in New York, Miami, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Future of DACA and DREAMers

Immigration reforms are going haywire and it seems that the dreamers have the most to lose. Under President Trump, America has seen some of the major setbacks on DACA - the Deferred Action bill signed by former President Obama. Inspired by the DREAM Act, DACA was the new policy that came in the act for the individuals who were brought to the country as minors and do not have any idea that they are undocumented. Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act, if approved the concerned individual will get his\her social security number and can live and work as the US citizen.

Pulling the plug on the DACA, President Trump has forced 8,00,000 young undocumented immigrants to the harsh future of deportation. However, the current administration gave the Congress a six-month window to work out the kinks. This way the current DREAMers will not lose their ability to work immediately. Currently, no new applications to the program are being accepted. Though the Trump administration has assured that they will honor the work permits until they expire, it is best to hire the best immigration lawyers in NJ to keep you updated on the process. 

What is DACA?
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act was essentially inspired by the DREAM act. It refers to the hundreds of individuals who were brought illegally as minor in the country. Under it, the Department of Homeland Security allows certain people with no priors. They should have no misdemeanors, no felonies and should not be a threat to the country. If approved, the individual will get their social security number and the authorization to work.

Length of the deferral
Under DACA, the approved individuals were allowed to defer deportation and live and work in the US for 2 more years. After that regular renewal was to be applied. By March 2017, about 240,700 people have applied for the program.

New administration plans

In words of Trump administration, they are phasing DACA out in the way that offers “minimum disruption”. According to current officials, the protection for the current DREAMers will stay in effect until work permits expire. No new application will be processed except the ones received before September 5, 2017. Any individual with status expiring by March 5, 2018, has  a month to apply for a new 2-year permit. Such applications will be processed. In New Jersey, individuals are contacting best immigration lawyers to understand their status under the new governance. If you want to know your work and citizen status or understand what is happening with DACA phasing out, you can contact Wildes & Weinberg. They are premier immigration lawyers of New Jersey with expertise in all kinds of immigration formalities.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Is It Necessary to Hire An Immigration Attorney?

Immigration is both complicated and constantly changing subject that needs perfection and a professional. Best Immigration Law Attorney in Los Angeles is expert in handling all kinds of cases regarding immigration and has that perfection which is required to deal with all necessary paperwork as well as the other requirements. 

So, an individual who has no knowledge of the immigration process, cannot deal with it at all. It is very difficult to decide whether to represent an immigration attorney or to represent it yourself. 

As an immigration system is introduced for those who want to represent themselves individually, but a qualified immigration attorney can help you in following ways-

  • Give the best suggestion with all possible options by analyzing the case.

  • Suggest the best advice for achieving legal status.

  • Plan and file all the needed papers accurately.

  • Keep you updated with the every current change in immigration law and method, if there is any.

  • Will represent your case before the immigration authority.

  • Handle your application or guide you on how to continue in the further steps.

So, the above procedures can't be handled by an individual, It is very important that you must choose an immigration attorney who is very experienced, professional. 

As there are so many options which can help or assist you in this immigration process. For example- books, the Internet which people think is the best guide, but it is true that none of them is as good as an immigration attorney.

Moreover, maximum of the time these options can just give you a short summary of the case. There is a great chance that it may ignore the special feature that may be important for your case.

Speed up the process-
In case you are not well qualified and have no understanding of the immigration law you will definitely drop some of the concerning legal points. Whereas a qualified one will speed up the process and help you to obtain the citizenship.

In some cases, people do not have family members to help and attorney generally gives the points about what is asked at various tests required while going through the processes.

Moreover, Best Immigration Law Attorney in Los Angeles is there for you. One can consult them in their concerned case and they will offer you the best advice.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

What if Your green card expires?

Has your ten-year green card expired? Don't worry, you will not going to lose your status as a permanent resident only because your green card expires. But this does not indicate that it is optional to renew your green card. This is very imperative to renew your green card within the given time period. 

Green card is the very strong evidence of your legal immigration status. You may face certain troubles if you allow it to expire. The difficulty may include getting a legal job, a driving license or other government benefits. Moreover, if you move with an expired green card outside the United States, you may not be permitted to re-enter to the United States.

Best immigration lawyers in Miami can help you and provide the best legal advice on how to apply for renewal of the expired green card.

If you are a permanent resident with a two-year green card, then the permanent resident status will expire if you do not register for I-751 on time. This may result in deportation processes in immigration court.

Choosing the best immigration lawyer in Miami can assure to renew your green card and is much less costly and stressful than having to go to immigration court in order to save your green card.

How do you lose your permanent resident status?

The three basic ways in which you can lose your legal permanent resident status are-

Abandonment of status- Abandonment is employed as an issue of intent. Usually, the rule is that you will be supposed to have abandoned your permanent resident status if you are away from the United States for more than a year.

You should take advice from the best immigration attorneys in Miami if you have any plan to visit outside the United States for a long period of time period or if there is any change in the abroad trip plan.

Removal or deportation- If you face removal or deportation proceedings, then you may lose your green card. When you have the citizenship of U.S. you are no longer ruled under the removal proceedings.

The best immigration lawyers in Florida are experienced in advising legal permanent residents who forgot to renew their green card, or need to avoid green card abandonment.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Paramount Facts About Immigration- Wildes & Weinberg P.C.

When it comes to immigration, suddenly 1000 types of problems emerge. Sometimes these problems have arised due to not hires an appropriate lawyer and sometimes due to lack of awareness.

Hence, if you are in the USA and planning for migration, must hire the best Immigration Attorney in Miami. These well experienced lawyers will aware you from the facts which are necessary to know you.

Numerous kind of delusions out there about the true numbers and nature of what goes on with folks attempting to enter the country.

Let’s take a look at interesting facts very crucial to know and understand:

  • Regardless of the predominant wisdom that most immigrants are here to take American jobs illegally, 75% of immigrants arrived here through legal means. Of the 25% who are here illegally, 40% of them essentially have illegally.

  • When broken down by state, California has the most elevated number of foreigners at just shy of 10 million as per 2008 measurements. It additionally has the most astounding immigrant to total state population at 26.8% of the aggregate state populace.

  • Then again, the state with the most reduced migrant populace is West Virginia. In 2008, it was a little more than 23,000, at an aggregate state populace rate of 1.3%.

  • Not shocking, around half of the immigrants in the United States detailed Latino starting origins. What is surprising 25% of the immigrant populace detailed Asian causes. 17% stamped "other."

  • Just over a quarter of immigrants aged 25 and up hold a four year college education or higher, albeit 32% don't have a secondary school certificate. Similarly, US conceived grown-ups in a similar age run hold a similar rate of four year college educations, however only 11% do not have a secondary school certificate.

  • The US has a long convention of its migrants succeeding as business entrepreneurs. The pattern remains constant today. Migrant business makes $162 billion in expense income!

  • From 1986 to 1998, the Border Patrol expanded their operators on the southwest outskirt to around 8,500. Rather than bringing down the undocumented migrant populace, it wound up multiplying it! Specialists trust this is because of inadequate legitimate roads for workers to pick up passage.

  • Another normal contention against immigration is "they don't pay taxes." However, even undocumented settlers pay some kind of duties, particularly wage and deals charges. A few reviews have demonstrated foreigners pay amongst $90 and $140 billion a year in government, state and nearby taxes.

  • You will regularly hear individuals whining about migrants not "talking language." But rather the US Census Bureau says another story – more than 75% of immigrants communicate in English well inside their initial 10 years of appearance.

  • One reason for the Revolutionary War, referred to in the Declaration of Independence, is the impedance of free movement. The US had open fringes from its commencement until 1882. It makes one ponder what the Founding Fathers would consider today!

As per information arranged by the APA Presidential Task Force on Immigration:

  • 23% of U.S. kids are children of immigrants, and by 2020, it is expected to be 1 in 3.
  • 62 % of USA country's immigrants speak Spanish.
  • Catholicism is the primary religion of new migrants, yet a growing number of people speak to evangelical Christian religions and non-Judeo-Christian religions, for example Sikhism and Islam.
  • Almost a fourth of every single American doctor and science and engineering workers are foreign born, as are 47 % of all PhD-level researchers.
  • The No. 1 reason individuals go to the United States is to rejoin with relatives. Other main causes incorporate look for work, escape from viciousness and war in one's nation of origin, and natural catastrophes.
  • 25 million individuals have been uprooted universally by natural calamities. The United Nations Development Program predicts that by 2050, that number will be more like 200 million.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hire Experienced Immigration Attorney To Simply Immigration

The immigration laws of U.S.A are such a complicated matter that except skilled and experienced attorneys no one can tackle with them.  Moreover, even simple mistakes in a visa application, or the indication given as part of the green card process, can start to years-long delays, or even outright denials & deportation.

So, here the importance of experienced Immigration Attorneys of New York City
are observed. And it is suggested to every immigrants to hire them so that they can represent you in an adequate manner.

What Else They Can Do For You?

An immigration lawyer is responsible to do a lot of imperative tasks such as:
  • They interpret the law and aid you view your rights, strategies and strategies possibilities.
  • They will guide you through every step of the toughest immigration procedure.
  • Not only this, they also ready an ample of paperwork on your behalf.
  • The immigration lawyers help you get organized about which items you must collect on your own.
  • They make sure the information you give when filling out the numerous forms, collecting documents, or preparing statements and testimony is quite correct, clear and consistent.

In short, there is nothing wrong if one says without a lawyer help, it's very obvious to make mistakes. Given that even a single mistake on an immigration application can result to lots of difficulties. Hence, an immigration lawyer plays a vital role in completing your task without any difficulty.

Most remarkably, an experienced attorney understands what to expect, how to ignore delays and other troubles, and what problems to prepare for to ensure apparently simple applications don't get held up on legal technicalities.

What should do in a case if you find yourself in removal proceedings?

In a case, if you find yourself in deportation or removal proceedings, in that situation the attorney will research the law to find every possible path of assistance. They can also help in any witnesses prepare for your court appearance and tackle the arcane court procedural needs and deadlines. Also, write briefs arguing the law on your behalf and invest their time in the hearing with you, representing you and assisting you present your case.

But the remarkable thing is to choose your attorney very carefully. Because only a well educated and expert immigration lawyers know what requires to be completed to support immigrants become American citizens. Having strong legal counsel will aid people move through the legal procedures more without any difficulty as well as immediately.

Hence, when it comes to choose your lawyer, it is essential to observe that not every attorney is as expert in this field.

The best lawyer is one who has the proper knowledge of immigration law as well as the experience in cases and troubles that could be raised. These lawyers expertise in understanding the process and international legal elements along with how to address everything properly. This involves knowing what paperwork demands to be filed and how it requires to be completed.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tips On Selecting The Right Immigration Attorney For your Case

Why to Get Legal Assistance?
Everyone is not efficient enough to deal with the immigration cases perfectly. When it comes to immigration law, it is very tough for a comman man to understand the complexities of  immigration laws. Hire the Best Immigration Attorney in Miami to avoid the stress of immigration policies.

Immigration laws keep on changing. Only an experienced attorney is well aware with the immigration laws. An immigration attorney is liable to explain you different procedures and formalities associated with your case. These attorneys are up to date with the immigration policies and knows how to help their clients for the desired results.

Major Immigration Issues
  • Green Card
  • Immigration Issues
  • Visa Problems
  • Emigration
  • Naturalization Related Issues

Contact an immigration attorney immediately if you want to file a petition for a green card. Do you need visa to ignore deportation, then you really need legal assistance to protect your case. These days, it's hard to find the one who is hardworking, honest and dedicated for his work.

Once you start looking for an immigration attorney, you will find that everyone is indulge in making money without caring about the client's interest and benefits. It is advised to be careful while selecting an attorney for your case because there are maximum chances to meet the liars in this industry. They try to grab maximum money from their clients.

How To Choose An attorney?

  • Don’t get impressed by the way an attorney is dressed and the one who flaunts his expensive cloths. The dressing style of an attorney doesn’t make him a good lawyer. By the posh, you may get an idea about the fees that he is going to charge your for his legal assistance. Experience and intelligence level of an attorney is more important than his dressing sense. So, it is advised to do proper search before you hire an attorney.

  • Misleading: There are a number of attorneys who give wrong advice and misguide their clients. There is no lack of money spinners. Never trust an attorney who suggests you to file fake documents. It directly indicates you that you are in the wrong hands.

  • Petition preparers or Visa consultants: Most of the people are trapped by Petition preparers or Visa consultants. You must know that these people are not the right one to contact with. They only prey on clients for their personal profits.  

  • Avoid The attorneys That Come To You At Immigration Offices: These types of attorneys are not reliable because a reputed lawyer has no need to visit immigration offices for the immigration cases. A renowned attorney is always busy in his work and he has no time to do such things.

  • Fake Promises: Never trust an attorney who gives hundred percent assurance of the success rate. An attorney is only helpful in proceedings, but not on deciding the outcomes of the case.

In a nutshell, it is advised to consult various attorneys and discuss your case with them. Hire the best one after comparing the discussions of different attorneys.