Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Entering the US with an R1 visa

The immigration laws are extremely tough on the immigrants. Whether you are moving to the US with your whole family or opting for an R1 visa, it is best to hire best immigration lawyers in NJ. Why New Jersey you might be asking? NJ is home to numerous immigration law firms that work with people across the country with immigration problems. One of the best immigration lawyers in NJ is Michael Wildes. He is known for his work for the people of the country and help them win their immigration cases. 

What is an R1 visa?
A non-immigrant visa, R1 visa is for the foreign nationals of religious denominations who want to enter the US. The visa is for the people who choose to be a minister as a vocation.

The people who can apply for an R1 visa include religious instructors, catechists, counselors or liturgical workers who work for religious health care facilities, hospitals, missionaries, or are religious broadcasters or translators. This group DOES NOT include clerks, janitors, fundraisers, maintenance workers or any individual solely related to work of donations.

Eligibility for R1 visa

  1. Members of religious community or group which is registered as a non-profit organization in the US
  2. Non-profit religious organization in the US who are employing foreign nationals as part of their team. This includes religious translators, broadcasters, missionaries, and more.
  3. Foreign individuals coming to the US to work only as ministers in the religious community.

Visa requirements

  1. The person applying for an R1 visa should have worked at least two years as part of a religious community.
  2. The sponsoring employee should be registered as a non-profit organization in the US and should be eligible for the tax exemption.
  3. You plan to enter and work solely as a member of the religious denomination.
  4. If you have previously applied for an R1 visa, you should have resided physically outside the US for one-year minimum.
  5. You plan to leave the US once your visa expires.

Fulfilling all the criteria for an R1 visa is quite tough and sometimes it requires a professional help. This is the reason why the majority of people applying for the R1 visa choose to hire best immigration lawyers in NJ. If you are still looking for an expert immigration attorney to hire, consult Wildes & Weinberg. They are most sought after law firm with offices in New York, Miami, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

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