Monday, October 9, 2017

Future of DACA and DREAMers

Immigration reforms are going haywire and it seems that the dreamers have the most to lose. Under President Trump, America has seen some of the major setbacks on DACA - the Deferred Action bill signed by former President Obama. Inspired by the DREAM Act, DACA was the new policy that came in the act for the individuals who were brought to the country as minors and do not have any idea that they are undocumented. Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act, if approved the concerned individual will get his\her social security number and can live and work as the US citizen.

Pulling the plug on the DACA, President Trump has forced 8,00,000 young undocumented immigrants to the harsh future of deportation. However, the current administration gave the Congress a six-month window to work out the kinks. This way the current DREAMers will not lose their ability to work immediately. Currently, no new applications to the program are being accepted. Though the Trump administration has assured that they will honor the work permits until they expire, it is best to hire the best immigration lawyers in NJ to keep you updated on the process. 

What is DACA?
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act was essentially inspired by the DREAM act. It refers to the hundreds of individuals who were brought illegally as minor in the country. Under it, the Department of Homeland Security allows certain people with no priors. They should have no misdemeanors, no felonies and should not be a threat to the country. If approved, the individual will get their social security number and the authorization to work.

Length of the deferral
Under DACA, the approved individuals were allowed to defer deportation and live and work in the US for 2 more years. After that regular renewal was to be applied. By March 2017, about 240,700 people have applied for the program.

New administration plans

In words of Trump administration, they are phasing DACA out in the way that offers “minimum disruption”. According to current officials, the protection for the current DREAMers will stay in effect until work permits expire. No new application will be processed except the ones received before September 5, 2017. Any individual with status expiring by March 5, 2018, has  a month to apply for a new 2-year permit. Such applications will be processed. In New Jersey, individuals are contacting best immigration lawyers to understand their status under the new governance. If you want to know your work and citizen status or understand what is happening with DACA phasing out, you can contact Wildes & Weinberg. They are premier immigration lawyers of New Jersey with expertise in all kinds of immigration formalities.

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