Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What crucial role did Immigration lawyers played in amendments of J-1 Visa?

The amendments in J-1 Visa would prove to be boon for medical facilities. In the recent news, one politician each from Democrats and Republicans has come forward to highlight issue pertaining to J-1 Visa. This visa is issued to Doctors, who wish to come to this part of the World to serve in medical facilities.

However, it came to notice that many of applications do not even become successful, as the process is excessively slow. The medical facilities are unavailable in far-flung areas as there are only 24 Doctors per 10,000 people in America. To ensure that more number of Doctors is able to cater population, Medical Practitioners from other countries are invited.

The applications used to get stuck for months or even years. The dreams of serving in a medical facility of America are shattered when applications get too long. The Doctors shift their focus to other countries and as a result, Doctors are unable to come to the United States. On the other hand, the immigration lawyers can play an instrumental role as well. The assistance provided by them is impeccable and their guidance can prove to be effective for Doctors willing to come to the US.

Following is the list of details, which immigration lawyers are able to provide to their clientele –

Pre Consultation Session – The pre consultation session is of immense value. The best immigration lawyer in Florida likes to connect with the clients. A communication network is build, which helps in ensuring that the clients are at an ease. The clients are able to express themselves in this type of communication module. It is not necessary to visit immigration law firms, the communication can be done with the help of Skype, Email or Phone.

Location Do Matters –
The best immigration lawyers in Florida ensure that more clients are able to draw their services. To ensure that law firms have a good reach, they open offices in key locations. The clients can seek their services in offices located at different locations. The key locations are New York, New Jersey and Miami.

Assistance in Every Way Possible - The immigration lawyers assist clients in every way possible. From filing of application to any other requirement, all factors are taken care by the immigration lawyers. The lawyers are updated with all the information and it helps clients in a big way.

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