Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What are the Different Ways of Obtaining Residency in United States?

Becoming a legal resident of United States is quite a tough job because of the stringent U.S immigration rules. Moreover, the U.S governments grants specific number of visas each year and as a result, there is long lists of people who want to migrate to U.S are not qualified.
However, there are some ways, through which one can obtain the residency of U.S. Following are the ways suggested by the best immigration lawyer in Miami-
  1. Family- It is very easy for couples, children, parents, spouses, or any other family member to qualify for green card visa in U.S. However, there are number of rules that should be strictly followed by all those immigrant who want to obtain the U.S resident visa without any legal issue. It further falls into two categories-
  • No waiting time period- This category is also known as immediate category. People who fall under this category is required to be husband or wife of an U.S citizen, parent of a U.S citizen or unmarried children of an American citizen that are below 21 years of age.
  • Waiting time period- This category consists of family sponsorship visas. A person under this category needs to wait for a specific time period to get the visa. The immigrants need to be the unmarried children of the U.S citizen, siblings of an American citizen and husband/wife of a green card holder.
  1. Investment- Foreigners can establish a business in United States by applying through the investment visa. However, there are several conditions that the immigrant needs to fulfill, which are-
  • Invest $500,000
  • No loans should be taken for setting up the business
  • Create at least 10 jobs for the U.S people
  1. Jobs- People can also apply for the U.S job visa but there are certain restrictions and few things that you need to consider while applying for a job visa in U.S.
  • People should be qualified in their field
  • They should hold a degree of at least 5 years.
  1. Adoption- One can also adopt a child outside U.S by applying for adoption visa form. However, it is compulsory that the request should be made either by the spouse who is the U.S citizen or by the unmarried U.S citizen, below the age of 25.

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