Monday, February 3, 2014

In what cases would you need an immigration lawyer?

United States is a cultural diversified country. It is made of different cultures and people residing in USA not necessarily only belong to United States particularly.
Every year, people from different countries migrate to USA for different purposes. However, going through the immigration procedure is not a child's play. This calls for a help, which can only be provided by the expert immigration lawyers.
Immigration is common practice in USA, therefore, to help people migrate in USA there are lot of immigration offices in Miami that help in making the dream come true for thousands.
USCIS (United States citizenship and immigration services) has made certain set of rules and guidelines for migration, which an immigrant needs to adhere, if want to come in United States. Let us have a look at different facts associated with USA immigration:
Work visa: An individual can work in USA, either on temporary basis or permanent. According to USCIS, temporary work visa allows an individual to work for only limited period. There are also certain set of restrictions imposed, which does not allow an individual to free-fall. Permanent work visa grants an access to immigrant to work permanently in USA for at least ten years. The scope of work and restrictions also vary in permanent visa as compared to temporary visa.
Visitor visa: If an immigrant wishes only to visit United States, they can make their dream come true via applying for visitor visa. The B-1 visa is for business and B-2 visa is for pleasure purpose. The former is for those who want to come in USA for business purpose like meeting, conference or for the medical treatment of their loved one. B-2 visa is for those who want to visit USA on temporary basis like visiting the family residing in USA or for holiday purpose. However, as it is a visitor visa, the entry to the country or duration to stay can be altered, depending on an individual case.
Green card: An immigrant holding a green card means, he or she has full rights to stay in USA on permanent basis. People are legally authorized to enjoy all the benefits as a Native American. Complete freedom is given to live and work, which a non-green card person cannot enjoy.
Regardless of the reasons of visiting USA, seeking assistance of a migration lawyer is crucial in order to get away through the tough immigration formalities and procedures.

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