Sunday, March 23, 2014

Different categories of U.S visas

The United States of America offers different types of visas for those who wish to get entry in America. For example, individuals who want to enter as a tourist in United States should apply for B2 visa. This visa will allow tourists to stay for three months in America.
Generally, obtaining a visa is a basic requirement to enter legally in any foreign country. There are specific visa guidelines and requirements that applicants should follow to get their visa application approved. A visa is nothing but a documentation indicating that a person has permission to enter in any country.
There are a large number of students who go to United States for completing their higher education. The students need to apply for F-1 visa for fulfilling their purpose of studying in a reputed college or university in America.
Filing a visa application is not an easy task to do. Many complications are involved in applying for a visa. Therefore, it would be a fair idea to avail services of the best immigration lawyers in Miami to reduce complications associated with immigration procedure.
It is important to note that an eligibility criterion varies from one visa type to the other. For example, those applying for work visa need to follow a different procedure from those applying for study or any other form of visa.
Apart from this, there is no single work visa as there are many sub categories that applicants should go through thoroughly in order to avoid confusion.
For example, H-1B is granted to individuals who have job sponsorship for a particular period of time in United States. Sponsorship employment is given to different categories of workers. Some of the recruited workers fill a full time job position while some fill part time job position.
Besides this, H-2B is also a category of work visa but is meant for different categories of workers. This visa is meant for nonimmigrants who want to work in United States but not in agricultural industry.
This type of employment is seasonal or valid of specified period. The employers hiring such workers need to show various documents as a proof that the worker is hired for a specified period and will return back to his or her country on completion of visa. The documents will include employment contract, a list of projects and their periods.

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