Wednesday, April 23, 2014

United States and its visa application hassles

United States, a population of 313.9 million, has 1.9 million migrants. Due to the latter figure, immigration related problem arises concerning residing of the migrants, either due to problems in extension of visas, or expiry of their visas.
These hiccups need to be dealt with utmost care and if in any case things are out-of-hand, that might lead to deportation as well. Various visas are available to apply for which can help an individual to land in USA, some of them are mentioned below:
Visas & their purposes
B1 - Business Trips
BCC (Border Crossing Cards) - Crossing Card for neighboring country: Mexica
P Performing Athletes, Artists - For those who wish to perform in Olympics or any other event
J - Proffesors, Teachers - For teaching Purposes
I – Media - For Journalists
B2 - Tourism or medical trip - For tourist/pleasure purposes
R 1 - Religious Purposes - For head of religious groups
Now the question arise: Why people from different countries like to migrate to United States?

The Answer is very simple. Being a developed country, it offers enough job opportunities, better living standards, security, and much more.
In recent years, it came into notice that there are provisions in Immigrating, which might lead to imprisonment, deportation, or fine, whichever is applicable. There are numerous reasons for the same that might be visible in immigration process:
  • Fraudulent Information: There are times the information provided in the application process might be different than real.
  • Immigration Consultancies: Throughout the world, there are various agencies, which are looking after an individual’s application form to help or ease, and fill the information on their own which might help an individual to get through the process but at a later stage, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) might question.
There was an instance in the last month of 2013 that led to the imprisonment of Indian Consultant Devyani Khobragade in US for non-payment of wages to her maid as stated in her application. On similar grounds, former IMF President Dominique Strauss-Khan, John Lenon of The Beatles band has been circled by NYPD for various reasons related to immigration.
For assistance, we have many Law Firms to deal with this kind of situation. For instance, 1.2 million attorneys are dealing with the cases directly or indirectly. When you start looking for the best immigration law firm in areas like New York and Miami, you will come across many experienced and qualified attorneys who can help you with your case in a very effective way.

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