Thursday, April 17, 2014

Effective tips for obtaining O-1 visa

Well, if yes then you must be clear with the facts and information related to O-1 visa. Following is piece of information that will help clear your doubts on how to obtain O-1 visa-
The foremost step that you need to procure is confirming your employment in the respective extraordinary abilities that include sciences, arts, entertainment, education, business, or athletics. You need to have a legal contract that would be a proof of your employment.
While filing the petition you need to attach supporting documents of your extraordinary ability. It can be either national or international awards, distinctions or achievements. With the supporting documents, you need to fill the form I-129.
Once the forms are filled, it is needed to be submitted. The application will reach the consular office and applicant would be called for an interview. During the interview session, applicant would be asked few questions related to his or her work, extraordinary ability, eligibility, employment, time of work and few more questions related to it.
With the completion of interview, applicant needs to wait for the result, which would be declared within few hours or days.
Based on the results, if one is passed he or she would be given the visa and in case, if failed then he or she need to go back home without any visa approval. Nothing can be done in such case except replying for visa.
After understanding the procedure of O-1 visa, if you have following questions in your mind, then here is answer to each of your query, which is suggested by best immigration attorney in Miami.
  • Is there any difference between O-1 and EB-1?
Yes, these are two different types of visa procedures. O-1 is a non-immigrant visa, which is applied to obtain non-immigrant status and EB-1 is an immigration petition, which is applied to seek for permanent immigrant status.
  • What preparation I need to make before filing for O-1 petition?
Prior filing the O-1 petition, applicant needs to obtain an advisory opinion from an appropriate consulting entity, such as a peer group, labor organization, or management organization. This will help prove the fact that alien is qualified of the extraordinary ability activities, which he or she has undertaken.
  • How long can I maintain O-1 status?
The length of the O-1 status is not more than three years. However, this can change based on the duties or activities that alien need to fulfill during his or her visit.
At times of extension of visa, alien needs to reply for the petition and get his or her visa extension for one year.

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