Sunday, April 13, 2014

Different immigrant and non-immigrant U.S visas

Every foreign national who want to get an entry in United States of America for different reasons, obtaining visa is basic requirement for fulfilling this purpose. The process of obtaining immigrant and non-immigrant visa is intricate and confusing.
U.S visas are categorized into two major types known as immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visa is meant for people who want to stay permanently in United States. On the other hand, individuals who want to enter in United States of America for a specified period apply for non-immigrant visa.
Depending upon specific requirements of people, U.S government offers different types of visas. However, to know more about U.S visas, you can avail services of the best immigration lawyers in Miami. The immigration attorneys will not only provide you significant information about different types of visas available but also help you in applying for the visa.
  1. B-1 visa
This type of visa is issued to those who are working for a foreign company. Foreign nationals who want to visit United States of America for business purposes are eligible for applying for B-1 visa.
  1. B-2 tourist visa
Tourists are eligible for applying B-2 visa. In addition to this, those seeking medical attention in United States of America can also apply for this visa.
  1. H-1B visa
This visa is best suited for highly skilled professionals who want to work in United States of America. Medical experts, engineers, and scientists can apply for H-1B visa. The educated professionals who applied for this visa can stay for three years in United States. However, the maximum limit for this visa is not more than six years, which means, these professionals can live for six years in United States.
The best part is that the professionals living in United States on H-1B visa can apply for permanent residency.
  1. H-2B visa
This visa is issues to both skilled and non-skilled workers. This visa is best suited for candidates who are willing to work in United States for a particular time through a job offer provided by employer in United States.
  1. C-1 transit visa
Transit visa is issued to people who want to enter United States for a specified period and need to go to any other country.
  1. F-1 student visa
F-1 visa is meant to foreign students who want to study in a college or university in United States of America.

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