Monday, April 7, 2014

Want to study in USA? Apply for F1 visa!

Obtaining student visa is of utmost importance for candidates who wish to study in a recognized college or university of United States of America. The F1 visa is meant for foreign students who want to pursue their studies in America.
For obtaining this visa, you must qualify several criteria. First, it is important to get approval from a college or university in America. Without acceptance from an accredited college, you cannot apply for F1 visa. Make a search for a college in America. Apart from this, it is essential to select an institution, which is SEVP, certified.
SEVIS is an online system, which maintains records of non-immigrant students. It is compulsory for students to have SEVIS generated document, issued by a college or university in USA. The candidates need to show this document at the time of their interview.
The procedure of getting study visa of US comprises of an interview in American embassy. However, it is recommended to go through visa procedure carefully to avoid any confusion in future. A small error in your visa application will reject your visa. To avoid such conditions, it would be a fair idea to avail services of the best immigration attorney in Miami.
They will also make you familiar with some of the basic requirements for this visa. Some of the most important ones are as follows:
  1. Intent of stay
It is essential for candidates to have temporary intent of stay in United States of America. On completing their educational course, they must return to their native country within given time. The candidates must not enter US without any other intent. On completing their course, if the candidate gets a job offer from an employer in US, then only the stay in US can be extended.
  1. Sufficient financial resources
The candidates need to show documents indicating that they have adequate financial resources to earn their living in United States of America.
  1. Expertise in English
The candidates should clear English tests with good percentage. The candidates need to show their test report during interview. Appearing in English test is mandatory for candidates belonging from non-English speaking countries.
  1. Full course of study
It is necessary for candidates to complete their course with good attendance percentage. However, if you fail to attend specified class, you will be disqualified for the visa and you need to return to your country.

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