Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are you planning to apply for E1 visa?

If yes, you need to be aware with all the facts and figures, so that you do not miss out any of the points that would put rejection for your visa.
Following are few questions related to E-1 visa-

What is E1 visa and who is eligible for this visa?

A non-immigrant trader visa that allows an individual interested in doing business trade with the U.S. country. An executive, manager, or specialist in trading unit, or a person having 50 percent shares of his company is eligible of this visa. Moreover, a person citizen of a treaty trade country or immediate family members of E-1 visa holder are eligible for this visa.

What privileges does E-1 visa holder get?

E-1 visa holder gets various benefits, which are as follows-

  • Work legally in U.S.
  • Overtake 50 per cent of the business shares
  • Freely travel in and out U.S.
  • Stay and enjoy all benefits in U.S. as a citizen does
  • Two year extensions
  • E-1 visa holder can get their spouse
What are the limitations of visa?

best immigration lawyer in Miami can better explain you the E-1 visa limitations that will help provide you complete idea.
  • Work specific area is restricted for the immigrant
  • Only foreign national citizen of countries can apply for this visa
  • An authorized stay for two years is possible for E- visa immigrant
How long E-1 holder can stay in U.S.?

An immigrant can stay in U.S. for substantial long basis. However, the visa can be extended up to five-years, if required.

What is the procedure to apply for E-1 visa extinction?

Certain documents and forms are mandatory to complete for visa extension, which are as follows:
  • Take and complete Form I-129
  • Arrival-Departure document copy is required to be attached with Form I-94
  • Submit a copy of Form I-797
  • Attach a copy of passport
  • Attach copy of E-1 visa
  • Submit copy of income tax returns of the last two years
  • Attach copy of Payroll tax return
Besides all the above stated facts, if you want to stay abreast with other necessary information regarding the visa, you must make sure you have contacted best immigration lawyers in Miami. An experienced professional can only guide you with the visa procedure and help you throughout the process.

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