Thursday, April 23, 2015

What are the main reasons behind USA visa rejection?

United States of American is the dreamland for immigrants from all over the world. Every years, tens of thousands people apply for visa for America, but only a few become successful. There are various reasons behind one’s visa rejection. It can be anything, document related or interview related.

Following are some of these reasons that can lead you to rejected visa –
  • Incomplete application – It is a complex process, which increases the chances of mistakes. Many applicants fail to complete the whole process or make mistakes in forms. Some of them fail to provide proper documents.
  • Not meeting the requirements – It is the main reason behind visa rejection. Many applicants fail to meet the requirement standards. For example, for students, application might get rejected if applicant’s academics are low. In any type of visa, it is important to meet all the necessary requirements for approval.
  • No reason to come back – If it shows that applicant has no reason to come back to their country, their application is usually denied. One needs to show that they have home, family, employment commitments, business etc., back in their country that they cannot abandon. One needs to show that they won’t attempt to stay in America permanently. If you fail to show your strong connections in your country, there are high chances that your request will be denied.
  • Financial disqualifications – Financial situation is another reason behind rejection if one is not capable of paying for trip or course (for students). You must show that you have enough money or bank balance to afford trip or your stay in America.
  • Interview issues – There are certain issues that rise during interview with consular officer. If you fail to convince officer about your application and aims related to visa, he might reject your request. It is important to show that you qualify under this category and you have reasons to come back. Some people fail to prove that their planned activities (job, visit or study) are allowed under the category in which they applied. Any issue in interview can lead to denied application.

Every rejected application has different reasons behind disapproval. It is important to prevent mistakes and complete every step of process prudently. To ensure the visa approval, you need to contact the best immigration lawyer in cities like Miami. These lawyers have vast experience and deep knowledge of immigration process. They can help you to avoid making mistakes in process, so that your application gets approved. They can also help you if your request was rejected by officer. They can help you reapply (if possible).

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