Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How amendments in Visas will Encourage Doctors to come to the US?

The amendments in J-1 visa are supposed to encourage more Doctors to migrate to the US. It was seen in the recent years that Doctors are not able to serve in the United States due to visa issues. The applications filed by them used to take long or even Doctors change their mind and cancel their applications on their own.

After amendments in J-1 visa, Doctors from other countries wishing to be part of medical institutions based in the US would be welcome wholeheartedly. The kind of hassles, visa applications used to provide are going to be removed. The voice was raised by one of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to highlight the issue of j-1 visa.

There are only 24 doctors per 10,000 people in the United States. The medical services in far-flung areas are not up to the mark. To make sure that medical professionals are available equally across nation, amendments in J-1 visa have been passed. Now, more number of Doctors would be able to come to the United States and serve hassle free.

The immigration law firms, who were loaded with these cases, would get a big relief. The clientele of these law firms would be able to receive positive confirmation from the Immigration Authorities. The years old applications would become successful and immigration law firms would have an easy breath.

Following is the list of activities, which immigration law firms provide to their clients –

Communication – Communication is an integral part of litigation procedure. The immigration lawyers can be connected through various mediums like Skype, email or Phone. The lawyers ensure best of the services from their end. They establish communication with their clients so that any kind of information is shared on immediate basis with them.

Location Matters –
An immigration law firm, which is located in a key location like Miami would be receiving high responses as compared to any another law firm located in non-key location. The strategic locations do makes a difference for clients. The clients would like to contact those firms, which are located in one of the key locations.

Pre Consultation Session –
The pre consultation session do matters a lot. The immigration law firms emphasize on pre consultation session. In this session, clients are able to ask numerous questions related to litigation procedures from the lawyers. This session helps in creating a base for the immigration case.

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