Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Things you must know before applying for O visa

O visa in America is issued to the people who want to enter the country on the basis of their extraordinary ability. It is a non-immigrant type of visa granted to the workers temporarily. These are defined by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

This extraordinary ability includes the fields of arts, business, education, sciences, and athletics. People with expertise in these fields are eligible for O visa. A foreign national, who is internationally recognized for his work in television industry or motion picture, can apply for it too. There are other types also in it, which are allowed to the assistants and immediate family members of that foreign national.

There are four types of it:

– It is issued to the people with extraordinary ability in different fields such as athletics, business, education, and sciences.

– It is allowed to the persons with extraordinary ability in the field of arts. It also include person with achievement in motion picture or television industry. In this, period of stay is three years, which can be extended for one year. There is no limit for these extensions.

O-2 – It is given to the person who will assist O-1 holder for performance or event. They must be essential and important for this performance.

O-3 – It is issued to the spouses or children of O-1 and O-2 holders.

To qualify for these different visas, foreign nationals must provide documents, so that their ability or relationship can be proved. Before the issue of visa, applicant will get an advisory opinion, which is a letter, from a group of professionals. These professionals will be from the same field as the applicant. This letter is provided to the USCIS.

For applying, applicant can file Form I-129. It is a petition for nonimmigrant worker. With this form, documents needed are written advisory opinion of the peer group, written contract between the petitioner and the employer. Applicant must be engaged only in authorized employment. They also get time of 10 days before and 10 days after the period of the petition. After the completion of period of their stay, they can apply for the extension in it.

If employer terminates the foreign national, then he must pay for the cost of the return transportation.

One can take the help of immigration lawyers in Miami or other big cities. These lawyers have experience in this field and they know all the inside out of immigration law. They can help you in applying and getting a visa.

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